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What do you need to do before you ship?
If you are well-prepared before you begin completing your documentation, shipping internationally can be easy. 

Begin by asking yourself these two important questions: 
“Where do I want to ship?” and “What do I want to ship?”

Where do you want to ship?

The destination for your item is crucial in determining what documentation you’ll need, the duties and taxes you’ll pay, and much more. But first you need to have on hand three very basic pieces of information, which will be required on all your international shipping documents:

1. The shipper's FedEx account number.
2. The shipper’s address and contact information.
3. Your recipient’s address and contact information: name, address including postal code, and phone number. Always ask customers in all countries for their postal codes; FedEx relies on these codes to route your shipments to countries such as India and China, which have established postal code systems. If you do not include the postal code, your shipment may be delayed. 

Here is an example of the correct recipient information for an address in Canada:
Mr. Bill Sharp
25 Raglan Street, Ste. 205
Toronto, Ontario
M5V 2Z9 Canada

What do you want to ship?
The nature of the item you are shipping is as important as where it is going. 

The following information will help you describe each item in your shipment accurately and determine which documents you will need to complete:
1. Describe your shipment contents accurately.

One of the most common reasons for customs delays is inaccurate or vague shipment descriptions. A consistent and detailed description of your shipment contents across all documents will help reduce customs delays.

A detailed description should answer the following questions where applicable:
• What is the item?
• How many items?
• What is the item made from?
• What is the intended use of the item?

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